1. F

    Why people uses cron job while kernel modules exist and why not services?

    1)Cron job: So cron job be able to run a process accordance with certain time intervals or whatever the desired shape is. It can be able to run most of file types or all type of languages probably. 2)Kernel module: Kernel module also runs with kernel on the background. Its main target is making...
  2. illumulli

    Where do I sign up?

    I have been using FreeBSD and tinkering with it for about 4 years now and I want to take on a bigger role in the community and really work on the FreeBSD operating system at a lower level in my free time to expand my skill sets. I know a little Assembly and am pretty versed in C. Any tips on...
  3. P

    How to Use the FreeBSD Dashboard

    Hello all, I would like to contribute to dev projects through the FreeBSD dashboard ( I'm wondering if someone can help me get started? Thank you!
  4. B

    Code process development

    This time I'm asking how to create, well, basically, code. I'm not mean a "hello world", I'm mean something alike the drivers, the programs, etc. All the things that conform the system. Just curiosity. Edit: Sorry, my english is reasonably good, but I hadn't repaired in that the title should be...
  5. V

    Do FreeBSD developers "eat their own dogfood"?

    I read a lot of messages like "OpenBSD developers eats their own dogfood in time when FreeBSD developers just uses MacOS X". I watched a lot of videos and photos from BSD meetings where there are really many Macbooks, but many Thinkpads with FreeBSD too and other laptops running Windows. For...