1. B

    Rename devfs device and access renamed device in a jail

    Is there a way to rename a device (e.g. using devfs rules) within /dev (e.g. rename /dev/cuaU0 -> /dev/zigbee) or create a second node that points to the same piece of hardware (i.e. both /dev/cuaU0 and /dev/zigbee refer to the same device)? I would like to pass a custom named device (e.g...
  2. T

    Solved devd config file not working under FreeBSD 13.2-release, has something changed?

    I have this devd config file: root@kg-core1:~ # cat /usr/local/etc/devd/hifive1.conf # allow group (operator) to access the usb connection of hifive1 notify 100 { match "system" "USB"; match "subsystem" "INTERFACE"; match "type" "ATTACH"...
  3. dnb


    pam_u2f - is an important library because it supports many inexpensive u2f keys available from different manufacturers. You can log in as a user or log in via ssh, for example. Luckily it works fine on FreeBSD 13.0 (pam_u2f-1.2.0, u2f-devd-1.1.10_6, libfido2-1.8.0). Here is the Makefile...
  4. C

    Solved anyone still using devd instead of udev for xorg?

    I was thinking of compiling / reinstalling my xorg from ports with devd instead of udev backend on 13.1-RELEASE. But I don't know if it would break some stuff? Or be incompatible with certain things. I run icewm and e16. Does anyone still use devd for xorg?
  5. J

    ThinkPad T430s weird issues

    Hello, Recently I've switched from Slackware to FreeBSD-13.0 on my T430s. I'm very happy with how does the system run etc. but some things just seem to not work that well: Laptop goes to sleep after opening a lid. To suspend the laptop I have to close and then open the lid, only after then it...
  6. Mjölnir

    Solved devd script does not "fire"

    Hi all, I can't get this devd script to fire, i.e. no log message written to /var/log/messages: notify 1000 { match "system" "kern"; match "subsystem" "power"; match "type" "resume"; action "/usr/sbin/logger -p kern.notice XXX"; }...
  7. fishfox

    Looking for enhanced devd documentation

    Hi all, I am trying to build some devd rules that will trigger on various conditions. devd.conf(5) only has an incomplete list of the various systems, subsystems, and types available. Is there a better place to be looking for this info? In particular I would like to see the events for ZFS...
  8. gugabsd

    Alternative to Carp arp.balance

    Hi guys, I've created a way to simulate the arp.balance option that existed in previous versions of Carp in FreeBSD. what do you think ? In principle this solves my case, but would i have problems with arp tables? or was this...
  9. P

    Solved [Solved] create unique /dev name for specific device

    Dear all, I am trying to configure devd or devfs rules to always create a specific /dev name for a couple of devices (gamepads/game controllers). I would like for them to always have the same /dev name that way one is not picked up instead of the other if I have them both plugged in. Is this...
  10. P

    fixed name in /dev for USB devices

    Hi, How I can assign permanent device in /dev for USB device? I have some 3g modem and usb2com. After reboot from time to time devices mixed but need fixed name in /dev. thanks!