1. I

    Performance tuning

    I notice that after successful installation of KDE on FreeBSD, there are many files linked into the kernal, as shown by the command "kldstat". (1) I wondering where is this configured - what file(s)? I checked /boot/loader.conf and /etc/rc.conf and couldn't find them there. (2) Is there a...
  2. T

    Sharing my thoughts on FreeBSD as a newcomer coming from Linux

    Yo what is cracking FreeBSD community?! This is my first post as a new forum member! I've been a happy Linux user since 2016 and it's been a really great experience. I appreciate the multitude of diverse communities, extensive hardware support, constant security patches, the massive catalog of...
  3. M

    [REQUEST] LPrint - A Label Printer Application

    Since I have just received the following feedback from upstream concerning the addition of a PPD + patch to rastertolabel.c to CUPS: and LPrint - A Label Printer Application not being available as a FreeBSD port yet, I'd like to ask if anyone is willing and able to have a look, as that would...
  4. P

    touchpad setup with libinput

    Hi everyone, I installed FreeBSD 13.0 and Mate desktop installed but I have 2 issues wit the touchpad which is a Alps model (at least, that's how it was described under W10 by cheeking the settings). The touchpad itself is working, the left and right button as well. 1) But I’m unable to...
  5. M

    Signal-Desktop / deltachat-desktop App

    I have just seen that neither the signalapp / Signal-Desktop nor the deltachat-desktop app has been ported to FreeBSD yet. Has anyone already taken a look if it's possible or to run the (Debian-based) Linux binary? Or to run the Windows app with Wine? P.S. I'm not using FreeBSD (waiting for...
  6. M

    signalapp / Signal-Desktop

    I was just wondering if someone would be interested in porting signalapp / Signal-Desktop or if there is specific reason why it hasn't been ported yet (Linux only?). P.S. I'm not using FreeBSD (waiting for 13.0 RELEASE to go onto my new laptop) or Signal yet, nor am I a developer, so this is...
  7. B

    MATE .core files in home (keyring, marco, ...)

    Hi everyone, this has been bugging me for several releases now. My Mate installation creates .core files in my home directory, even though I shut it down normally, I get no error messages and no bad behaviour. I understand that I can silence the whole mechanism by following...
  8. M

    I think, at this stage, I am finally convinced that FreeBSD is not ready for all desktop users.

    I have been a regular FreeBSD user since 2016 , I have ran it on work laptops(dual booted with Debian, for VoIP :) and on various desktops and have advocated about it, blogged about Jails, and filed bug reports on bugzilla and some third-party projects to get the OS supported. Tried to "do my...
  9. Mjölnir

    FreeBSD Kommunity Edition

    Let's just brainstorm... What would you expect a "FreeBSD Kommunity Edition" to be/offer? What would you like it to be/offer? Is there demand for such a thing? Would you like to see a *BSD Kommunity Edition? What is missing or should be better in base FreeBSD / in the KDE ports? Add your...
  10. P

    MATE Unable to get Mate running

    Hi, I tried to get Mate Desktop running. Once the Slim login screen is displayed and after having entered the username ( the user, not root) and password ,I received the following error message: “failed to execute login command” Initially, I didn’t add the xinitrc file with the line “exec...
  11. S

    FreeBSD desktop environment / workstation configuration how-to's

    Being in the process of doing that for myself, I think it can be useful to put together a list of the most recent / breadth-some links on how to run FreeBSD as a full-fledged workstation. (after having done the same for openbsd, although there probably are far less pages) Here is my first catch...
  12. nguyenphongmmo

    package "xorg, gnome3,..." (everything for desktop) not found

    I want to install desktop for freebsd but that is difficult. I can't find packages for the desktop. And I'm a newbie. Here are a few results of my command lines P/S: I using freeBSD 11.3-STABLE, And i use pfsense image. And pfsense is based on freeBSD. Then pffsense auto install freeBSD for me...
  13. DDenny

    Other CDE restarts after Login

    I installed CDE 2.3.1 on 64-bit FreeBSD 12.1 on my laptop. The installation worked well. After I start CDE and type my name and password correctly, the screen becomes black and it returns to the login screen and same thing happens again. What should I do?
  14. L

    What can you do against the "suddenly stopped working" problem in FreeBSD

    This week was my 3rd try of using FreeBSD (as desktop system). Today I am nearly at the point where I give up. I already tested FreeBSD for a longer time some months ago (and another time about 1-2 years ago). Now I use FreeBSD 12.1 (-RELEASE). The 2 times when I used FreeBSD I had the exact...
  15. darkoverlordofdata

    Does Desktop have a future on BSD?

    First, the good parts... The graphic presentation is great. Everything is crisp & clear, fonts are easy to read. Not grainy, like ubuntu. The gui is rock solid. I always thought Mate was flaky, but on BSD it is rock solid. Combined with the clear graphics, I've discovered that I actually like...
  16. R

    Solved KDE no longer responds to mouse clicks on desktop

    To close down KDE I normally right click on a blank area of the desktop and select 'Leave' but as from this morning KDE does not respond to right clicks on the desktop. The problem only affects the desktop, all windows and taskbar icons still respond normally to right clicks. One thing which...
  17. K

    Solved No sound

    Hey everyone one, I'm new to the BSD's and I thought I would try FreeBSD after enjoying what I found with OpenBSD, so my install of FreeBSD on my desktop has been going fine, but for some reason I cant seem to get audio to work after my attempts in the past couple of hours. the output from...
  18. robhar

    Lenovo docking station not working

    Hi, I just bought a Lenovo Hybrid USB-C/USB-A docking station for my X1 Carbon thats running FreeBSD. I can't get it to play nicely. It seems to detect the dock, lights flash etc. Can turn the laptop on/off via the button on the dock. I bought it to connect 2 external monitors and ethernet...
  19. vermaden

    HOWTO: The Power to Serve - FreeBSD Power Management

    I would like to share an article about power management in the FreeBSD system. The Power to Serve - FreeBSD Power Management #verblog #freebsd #power #battery #laptop #desktop
  20. P

    Solved Future of BSD: Web Design, special attention to desktops and more users

    Hello FreeBSD Community, I would like to discuss the following. I'm working on a project that aims to build a "distribution" of Web-based technology, inspired by Firefox OS, in the challenges I've been facing I've been reflecting on using FreeBSD and BSDs in general. The first thing I thought...