default route

  1. A


    Hi, My freebsd has multiple network interfaces and have one default gateway e.g. . I want that the gateway should be when any request/traffic arrives on the IP, I mean it should not consider the default gateway when the traffic comes for IP ...
  2. tommiie

    Default gateway not added

    I have a Digital Ocean droplet running FreeBSD 12.1-p10 and I am experiencing slow responses to pkg commands. In order to investigate I tried disabling IPv6 (without much success) and did a service netif restart after which my droplet was unavailable. Accessing it via the console showed me that...
  3. epopen

    Wish to migrate exist ordinary jail to VIMAGE infrastructure

    Hi All. My server upgrade to 12.0-Release and found news about VIMAGE into GENERAL config, meant VIMAGE ready for product environment. So I wish to migrate exist ordinary jail to VIMAGE infrastructure too :). But procedure stopped at default gateway. Current ordinary jail environment detail...
  4. aragats

    Solved IPv6 static configuration

    Probably I'm missing something obvious, but this is just my second box with IPv6, never have dealt with it before. I cannot add a default gateway:# route add -inet6 default xxxx:52c0:101::1 route: writing to routing socket: Network is unreachable $ ifconfig vtnet0...
  5. Allan

    Set Default Route w/ DHCP on Multi-Homed Box

    I have a machine that I use for a "lab" that has (at least) two ethernet ports: em0 and em1 Both are connected to different networks with their own DHCP servers. em0 is always connected to the "production" network that has Internet access and em1 is connected to the "lab" network. Sometimes...
  6. D

    IPFW ipfw fwd out needs at least fake default route to work

    Hello, All! FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p7 r304924M VM under hyperv simple ipfw rules 00100 allow ip from any to any via lo0 00200 deny ip from any to 00300 deny ip from to any 00400 deny ip from any to ::1 00500 deny ip from ::1 to any 00600 allow ipv6-icmp from :: to...
  7. FKEinternet

    Solved service netif restart loses default route?

    As illustrated below, I rebooted my machine and immediately ran netstat -rn followed by service netif restart. I then executed ifconfig to verify the network interfaces were properly up, and ran netstat -rn again. The entry default UGS re1 present in the first netstat results...