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  1. mrbauer1

    vmware Kernel GDB Debug Serial Port Not Working With VMWare Fusion

    I have FreeBSD 14.0 running in VMWare Fusion 13.5.0 on my Mac with a custom kernel. I'm trying to setup this VM to do kernel debugging on and have added a serial port to the VM. I've confirmed the serial port works by connecting my Mac and the VM and exchanging data between the two. To setup...
  2. D

    FreeBSD LLDB, debugging, and code in a memory address

    First, I have to introduce myself, I'm a developer. and I really like the kernel development area. work with embedded systems. I'm a novice adventurer, some have called me because I'm younger and I have a very deep knowledge level, in the kernel by dedication. but let's get straight to the...
  3. P

    Toggling between remote KGDB and local DDB within a debugging session

    Hello. I think the title says it all!! :) I would like to know if there is indeed a way to toggle between gdb and ddb while debugging a remote kernel. I am already at the gdb (or rather kgdb :rolleyes:) prompt. From here how do I switch to local ddb on the debugged machine?? My kernel...
  4. R

    Is there any friendly debug method other than DDB

    I installed FreeBSD 10.2 on Windows 10's Hyper-V, and found there are many disk devices under /dev folder, for example, /dev/da0 ~ /dev/da15. But in fact only /dev/da0 can be used. I'm trying to debug the storvsc during kernel boot by following "10.4. On-Line Kernel Debugging Using DDB" of...