1. O

    jails How-to install Debian Bookworm as Userland in Freebsd to support running Linux applications

    Hi all, I would like to install Debian bookworm including flatpak to install / executing applications on FreeBSD desktop as "Linuxulator". I need some applications like Bitwarden, Xmind or VScode, which currently not available over package manager. I tried several installations, like described...
  2. Relricey

    general/other How do I install FreeBSD in Virtual Machine Manager (virt-manager) properly?

    Hi. I recently made a similar poll here: I also want to try virt-manager on Debian 11 to have a working version of FreeBSD. Thanks.
  3. Relricey

    general/other How do I install FreeBSD in GNOME Boxes properly?

    Hi. I'm running Debian 11. I have GNOME Boxes installed as a Flatpak. I've tried various guides on installing FreeBSD as a VM (in other VM Managers) but I can never get it to work properly in GNOME Boxes - low resolution & other miscellaneous issues. I have a AMD Ryzen 7 3800X CPU & a Radeon...
  4. D

    Solved [chrooted debian] : no networking interface but lo

    Hi, I've installed a debian bullseye base system in a chrooted env. I notice it doesn't have networking while the freeBSD host is eth-wired connected and functional (interface is bge0). root@debian # ifquery --list lo To perform this job, ifquery calls int getifaddrs(struct ifaddrs **ifap)...
  5. I

    bhyve bhyve and Debian

    I'm trying to install Debian on bhyve. I got stuck with "No common CD-ROM drive was detected" error. Obviously, the installation CD is provided to bhyve via "-s 3,ahci-hd,<debian.iso>" and it managed to boot up. I cannot proceed with the installation as it says "The failing step is: Detect and...
  6. ziomario

    bhyve How to boot Debian in EFI mode using bhyve...

    Hello to everyone. I hope to make happy someone,explaining how to boot Debian using the EFI bootloader and Bhyve. There is an extra configuration to do,otherwise it will not boot at all. First of all,I'm using vm-bhyve and this conf. file : loader="uefi" cpu=8 memory=8GB...
  7. R

    NFS V2/3 stopped working with Debian after upgrade from 10.4 to 11.2

    Hi, I have just upgraded my FreeBSD storage server to 11.2 and to my surprise, I can no longer connect to it from my two Debian clients. (jessie and stretch). My FreeBSD clients connect just fine. When I try to connect, I get the below error: mount.nfs: timeout set for Wed Oct 3 10:44:13...
  8. P

    PF I have issues with the pf.conf being loaded

    I am new to Linux/BSD. I am using a Debian system with a KFreeBSD kernel. Whenever I try to initiate PF with the pf.conf as below, it gives the error as in the image. My pf.conf is, pass inet proto icmp from any to any pass log (all) proto icmp from any to any altq on le0 cbq bandwidth 500Kb...
  9. 1

    install debian packages

    Hello. In ports are only fedora and centos. Is it possible to install the package for debian or ubuntu?
  10. 2

    Solved Why FreeBSD is so slow?

    Hello everybody :) I have installed and tested FreebsdFreeBSD 10.2 on my laptop - Lenovo X220 - because iI want to use a real Unix system for it robustness. Previously iI have installed for many years Debian with lightweight package (openbox, pcmanfm). When I compare experiences FreebsdFreeBSD...