1. Farhan Khan

    Using ddb to print softc variables

    Hi all, Somewhere in my code the member of a struct is changed but I can't seem to find where. I want to use ddb's watch feature but can't figure out how to pinpoint a memory address. I cam find the softc address via 'show all devices', but i cannot figure out how to print the equivalent of...
  2. Farhan Khan

    Solved How to enable crash dumps?

    Hi all, My kernel is crashing due to some changes I am making. When I enter ddb, I type in dump, which appears to dump the image state but when I boot up there is no content in /var/crash. Running `kgdb` does not find any crash logs. What might be causing that? Please advise. Thanks!
  3. P

    Toggling between remote KGDB and local DDB within a debugging session

    Hello. I think the title says it all!! :) I would like to know if there is indeed a way to toggle between gdb and ddb while debugging a remote kernel. I am already at the gdb (or rather kgdb :rolleyes:) prompt. From here how do I switch to local ddb on the debugged machine?? My kernel...