1. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved importing zfs dataset from an external drive to new machine

    Hi I have just installed Freebsd on my old Macmini and want to transfer zfs datasets from a usb drive to the macmini I just need to copy across some data and set up a few config files to get macmini set up, so i can finally ditch osx and go full freebsd on all my machines Is it possible to do...
  2. rigoletto@

    Solved default layout, /usr not mounted.

    Hi! I have just installed the system and while looking and customizing the ZFS datasets I noticed zroot/usr is not mounted, and so /usr/* are actually in zroot/ROOT/default. Why? I mean, why the installer create that dataset by default but does not install the data in there? Is /usr...
  3. pming

    Jail lost all packages

    Hello everyone I recently set up Nextcloud in a jail using apache24, mariadb101 and php70 on FreeBSD 10.3. After rebooting my server the jail will not come up correctly. It won't mount datasets and all the packages I installed and their configuration seems gone. pkg info only returns pkg. I...