1. Voltaire

    Solved How do you see which processes are downloading data?

    What I see now is that Conky is constantly registering a light download. I've never seen this before unless I'm using an extender, but I'm not using an extender now. systat -ifstat also records this constant download. It fluctuates around 0.035 KB per second. There is no constant upload. So I...
  2. RedPhoenix

    ZFS How Do I Use ZFS On My Server?

    So I'm reading about ZFS on the FreeBSD ZFS quick-start guide, and I'm stuck at this part: when I attempt to use a device (/dev/da0), it throws an error and the device dissapears until I reboot. :\ Specifically, this: zpool create example/ dev/da0, and throws the error: cannot open '/dev/da0'...
  3. RedPhoenix

    What Do YOU Use FreeBSD For, and Do You Use UFS or ZFS? :)

    I use it for development, you know, Programming 'n stuff... :) I also use it for ZFS, since I keep backups of my friends' and family members' data. :) I also use it for other things, like when I use Linux, but want more of a UN*X-y feel. It also speaks to how good of an OS it is when I...
  4. Tu_Vieja

    Solved How to set /home on a dedicated "partition"?

    ( Disclaimer: Not a native-english speaker, and totally newbie, I do my best ) Hello, world. First thread so I hope to make it right: The concrete question is: Can I have the /home directory (which as I understand, contains my personal data) on a different partition? To help you understand...
  5. H

    ZFS Recover data from zroot pool

    Dear Members, I hope someone can help me with that. One of our servers ran out of disk space (yeah, booooh!), it was set up with zfs, one single disk (2TB). It ist part of a 5 node cluster cloud storage. By trying to expand the storage with a new disk, I screwed up the zpool boot loader and...