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    FreeBSD Setup Script

    Hi everyone. I've recently started learning bash scripting and I thought it might be useful to try and automate installing most common stuff like xorg, de, wifi, etc. Because of that I've created a relatively simple script which automates these tasks. I'm open to any feedback and discussion...
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    Boot from second HDD!

    Hi, I've 2 x HDDs mounted in server, 1 x HDD in motherboard and other is in swappable bay. The boot from 1st hard drive which is mounted in motherboard is working but i want to setup and boot OS from second hard-drive. Setup is completed on 2nd hard-drive but its not able to boot the OS. All...
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    gmirror error

    Hi, We're trying to setup 2 x HDDs into mirror mode via gmirror during FreeBSD installation and this is what we're encountered with : Can you please help us out of this trouble ? Regards.
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    Custom iso without local_unbound

    Hi. I want to create a custom iso and I need to remove the local_unbound from the installation. How to proceed? Thank you
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    Solved How to setup passwd using custom install to single user mode?

    Hey guys, After months with some virtual machines runing FreeBSD system, in one of those, I have forgotten the password... Then, searching a bit on the web have some tutorials about log in single user mode and then use passwd to change it. For my surprise the passwd is not found in single...