1. rockzombie2

    Chromium cursor is white, making it invisible against white backgrounds

    Hello friends, I've recently installed FreeBSD inside of VirtualBox. I just installed the emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions port and set my graphics controller to VboxVGA. Then, when I started chrome, which I installed from ports, I noticed something strange was happening. The cursor was being...
  2. goshanecr

    Is it possible to change cursor style in console?

    Good day! I like a _ cursor instead of block, in console. And in x11 terminals like x11/guake I can change cursor symbol, but in plain console I can't found way to change it. Is it possible?
  3. sidetone

    vertical cursor glitch - vulnerability or benign?

    I had a cursor glitch, where the cursor appears like a vertical dotted stripe. Is this necessarily a vulnerability, or could it just be a benign problem from graphics toolkits? It's less likely to be solely xorg, or video drivers. In the past, this glitch never seemed happen on FreeBSD, but...