1. hellfire103

    OKI printer not working

    I'm trying to use my printer (an OKI C530dn) with my freshly-installed FreeBSD laptop. I am using CUPS for this, and I have set it up correctly. However, it's not working at all. When I opened the CUPS web interface, I found the following error message: Idle - "File...
  2. C

    chown in CUPS backend

    Hi guys! I am quite new to FreeBSD. I have some questions about setting up my own backend for CUPS. The goal is to save the incoming print job into a PDF on a directory and change the owner of the created PDF file to the user sending the print job. My current progress looks something like this...
  3. D

    How to run CUPS as non-root user

    By following the instructions in, I installed print/cups and started the cupsd daemon. However, I noticed that the cupsd process runs as root. Does CUPS really need superuser privileges to print documents? If not, how do I make cupsd run as a less...
  4. byrnejb

    Solved lpd - lpstat 'The printer is unreachable at this time.'

    Cause: CUPS was configured to use IPv4 addresses. LPD was configured to use domain names. A change to the printer addresses and to DNS allowed LPD to work and broke CUPS. Solution: Reconfigure printers in CUPS to use IPP to printer domain names. OP: I am seeing this in lpstat -p -d -R: #...