1. quakerdoomer

    Consensus clients for Ethereum

    Hello does anyone know if there are any consensus clients for Ethereum available a pkg? I tried the following: Lighthouse, although in rust, is uncompilable due to lack of support for FreeBSD OS - hardcoded limitations and checks. prysm just goes dumb and says nothing when I try the beacon...
  2. I

    What multi-currency crypto wallets can run on FreeBSD?

    Is anyone successfully using multi-currency crypto wallets on FreeBSD? For example, Exodus, Atomic, Guarda, Coinomi, etc... Considering that those compilations work only on Linux, it would be great if someone could tell they can work on FreeBSD. Thanks!
  3. D

    Alternative to Bitcoin

    Hello, I've been thinking how about to use the crypto tech for BSD systems to communicate with each other and get a tight system if BSD is to be used for Home automation, cars, etc.?
  4. PacketMan

    More cryptocoin daemon ports/pkgs

    I have net-p2p/litecoin-daemon installed on one of my machines, and its running full node to the Litecoin network. Then I took a Litcoin app for android and configured it to tether off my full node. Would be nice if there were more ports/packages built for cryptocoin daemons; like dogecoin...
  5. dchmelik

    Linux emulation for GPU/OpenCL stuff (BOINC, miners)

    I'm trying to switch from having to use one of three commercialized GNU/Linux distributions that have AMDGPU-PRO, back to *BSD, this time FreeBSD. To do that, I'd need my graphics card to be able to use OpenCL such as for Berkeley Open Infrsastructure for Network Computing (to contribute idle...
  6. sidetone

    Solved Electrum connection error

    py36 version of finance/electrum won't connect, and when I run it from the command line, I get this error: E/i | interface.[****this Internet address changes****:50004] | Exception in wrapper_func: AttributeError("module 'aiorpcx' has no attribute 'Connector'",) Traceback (most recent call...
  7. N

    Mining cryptocurrencies with FreeBSD

    I'd like to try mining one or more altcoin(s), but I read that mining is reducing the lifespan of my PC. I don't want to ruin my machine, but I also would like to give it a try. Is FreeBSD more effective in mining than GNU/Linux? Does it depend on the OS at all (excluding MS Win, for it is an...
  8. i-bsd crypto wallet?

    Tried to get Exodus (Linux) compiled but no luck. Anyone managed this or see possibility for a port? Electrum works fine for BTC but no options for ETH yet.
  9. Phishfry

    Bitcoin: Ponzi scheme or investment?

    The city I live in thinks its OK to give away taxpayer dollars for a bitcoin miner operation. That seems incredibly stupid to me. What says you? Is Bitcoin legit?
  10. PacketMan

    Running Bitcoin / crypto-currency based ports

    So, just to confirm; if I want to run a Bitcoin full node with GUI I install net-p2p/bitcoin, but if I do not want GUI I install net-p2p/bitcoin-daemon? Correct? Do I need, or should I use net-p2p/bitcoin-utils if I run only the daemon port? If I wanted to do the actual bitcoin mining I would...
  11. tkoham

    Trouble Building a Working Version of BitSquare

    I'm trying to build a working version of Bitsquare. I thought it would be relatively straightforward, but the process is proving more complicated than I would have liked. Following the build instructions on the github, everything compiles without issues, but the resulting .jar fails to start...
  12. Vitalij Fleganov

    Help me to compile and port Dash (digital cash cryptocurrency) in FreeBSD

    I can't compile dash. Help me to compile and port Dash (digital cash cryptocurrency) in FreeBSD. official site: githab source:
  13. T

    bitcoin port

    Hi all, FreeBSD is great. I'm on FreeBSD 8.4 and now can't move to another version of FreeBSD. I need port bitcoin client from new port but it is impossible to compile on older FreeBSD. Because I have question is there any way to build static port without any dependencies and move only one...
  14. P

    Solved Porting Electrum Bitcoin wallet

    Hello! Looked around a bit and realised it seems like FreeBSD is not having any Bitcoin wallet natively available? I would love to see Electrum ported or maybe some other Bitcoin wallet software which doesn't have to download the whole Bitcoin blockchain database... Question number 2 is...