1. P

    Samba domain problem

    Suddenly the samba domain is unaccusable. Any idea where to look why it does not work? I think that it should be caused by DNS issues or some kind of permission issue. FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p24 (GENERIC) samba -i samba version 4.3.13 started. Copyright Andrew Tridgell and the Samba Team...
  2. 0

    ZFS NVMe / controller trouble

    Hello everybody, I've set up a storage server with the following ZFS pool configuration: NAME SIZE ALLOC FREE CKPOINT EXPANDSZ FRAG CAP DEDUP HEALTH ALTROOT storage ***** ***** ***** - - 7% 16% 1.00x ONLINE - raidz1 ***** ***** *****...
  3. landauclassic

    8Bitdo Gamepad

    Hello : I am trying to configure a bluetooth gamepad on FreeBSD 13.0, specifically an 8Bitdo SF30, basically a clone of the classic SNES controller. I have not found any information regarding this gamepad in this forum. I have configured , hcsecd and bthidd successfully, actually the...
  4. skeletonboss12

    issue with gamepad (Microsoft Corporation. Controller, rev 2.00/1.00)

    I have a generic xbox USB controller (think for the 360) that I am trying to get working on FreeBSD 12 x64 on my laptop that I have tried connecting with and without usb 3.0 I installed "x11-drivers/xf86-input-joystick" and "sysutils/uhidd" And configured uhidd like so: uhidd_flags="-kmohs"...
  5. N

    Playstation 2 Dualshock 2 / SNES Controllers with adapters

    Has anyone succeeded in getting original Playstation 2 Dualshock 2 controllers to work with FreeBSD? I have two PS2 Dualshock analogue controllers, and a cheap USB adapter from ebay. It all works fine on PS2 / Windows (with adapter), so I know it is not a hardware issue. My issue is this: The...