1. m_pahlevanzadeh

    mldonkey can't connect to server

    I installed last version of mldonkey , Before it, I had mldonkey on debian server and was work fine. Now It can't connect to server on FreeBSD server. How can I connect to servers ?
  2. HL1234

    jails What is the recommended way to connect to a running jail?

    Hello, I'm not a FreeBSD newb, but I'm new to jails, and read different solutions. I tried to build a jail with a webserver. Now I could start it. Then I wonder that are different outputs with these commands after I had start it: jexec 57 ps -ax gives me something like this PID TT STAT...
  3. G

    Domain conneciton to VPS

    Hy! How can i make a connection with a domain name and a VPS (freebsd). I'll like use my vps storage for my website. Can anybody help me?
  4. T

    Dialup Modem Connection Problem

    I have an Intel HM18025 V.92 56K Voice / Fax / Data internal Modem. It works perfectly fine with Microsoft Windows. However, my attempt to connect to my Internet Service Provider using BSD's 'ppp' Command fails. Upon entering Terminal Mode 'term' it gives the following message, and then goes...
  5. A

    Issue with connection (operation_not_permitted)

    Hello! I've installed FReeBSD 11 on my client mashine. On my server I have also FreeBSD 11. My client has 3G modem which successfully connects through ppp daemon to the cellurar network. After that my client successfully establish L2TP IPSec connection to my server. After that I connect to my...