mldonkey can't connect to server

I installed last version of mldonkey , Before it, I had mldonkey on debian server and was work fine. Now It can't connect to server on FreeBSD server. How can I connect to servers ?

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Can you show the All Servers tab?
Have you changed any default options?
Is it behind any firewall?

I installed mldonkey a few months ago just to test it out. It was easy, I think I just had to add a server list.

Enter the ed2k link of your preferred page in the field and press INPUT. For example:


or mldonkey console:

servers "/path/file.met"
I don't have firewall. I only added allow_ips.

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I have the two following lines in log file:

2023/09/19 23:46:52 [EDK] There are no ED2K-servers in your servers.ini.
2023/09/19 23:46:52 [EDK] Please import servers from a server.met file.

I don't have a working copy of mldonkey and there is no online support available.
Review the context-sensitive help for allow_ips. You may be simply blocking the server.met url (,
Try temporarily disabling allow_ips or download the file to local and add it from the mldonkey console.
The "Serverlist" tab is informative. You will see an actual list of servers in the "All servers" tab.