configuration files

  1. H

    Other Icewm startup file not working.

    pretty much all of the other configuration text files work but i cannot get startup to work. i got it there by poking it. Read arch wiki and other wikis but i still have no clue on how to get the startup file to work. This is what i have in my startup file. #!/bin/bash nitrogen --restore &...
  2. Allan

    Best Practice Advice - Install script and config variables

    I'm attempting to script (bash) the post installation settings of FreeBSD. I'm trying to programmatically write the settings to /etc/rc.conf, /boot/loader.conf, /etc/sysctl.conf, /etc/devfs.conf, etc. just to name a few. I'm even trying to programmatically create .profile and other skeleton...
  3. jdb

    Solved zrepl config error

    Hey guys :) I am new to sysutils/zrepl and I am currently trying to set it up... I followed the offical tutorial ( and I am getting this error when I try to check the config file with zrepl test config error parsing config file: cannot parse job...
  4. P

    How to import configuration FreeBSD files in a new machine?

    Hi guys, I'm new FreeBSD user, and in my job has a FreeBSD running as router, and I need to "copy" all configuration to a new computer running another FreeBSD version. How can I do it??? Current Version: FreeBSD 9.1 New Version: FreeBSD 11.0