command not found

  1. F

    update Problem "freebsb-update fetch" Command not found

    Hi, I am trying to update FreeBSD 11.1 with SSH as Root User. But i got a "Command not found" message when i try "freebsb-update fetch". "freebsb-version" also does not work... I guess it's a small Problem but i don't get it :( I hope someone can get me a hint, what im doing wrong. Thanks
  2. WHAO

    pkg: Command not found.

    Please help me !! FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE-p1 I used the command by mistake # pkg delete pkg I know, I an idiot :( Please how fix pkg command pkg: Command not found.
  3. A

    Weird behaviour (df/mv command not found

    Hi guys/gals , I've upgraded my install after latest sec. advisories ( 10.3) and now I'm getting df : Command not found mv : Command not found PATH seems to be fine. Also calling it with /bin/df gives me the same output. Anyone with the same problem?