command line

  1. A

    Command-Line Manual Installation How-To (With Video If Needed)

    Good afternoon everyone: This is a continuation of my Reddit thread and YouTube video detailing how to install FreeBSD for a very basic desktop using the command line as found on the installer disk exclusively. I have three main reasons for doing this, as stated on the thread: Firstly, yes...
  2. ipizhenko

    Where to find sha256 utility source code

    FreeBSD provides set of utilities for computing SHA-2 hashes (sha256, sha512, etc). I want to find their source code. I don't need source code of the SHA-256 hash function itself, but I am looking for source code of the command-line utility, i.e. part which processes command-line options, input...
  3. hulleyrob

    FreeBSD equivalent of Linux tail -f /proc/{PID}/fd/1

    trying to see what is going to stdout of a running python process. Whats command or package is the best way to do this? I did see a stack overflow post saying do x but cannot find it again. Any help or ideas appreaciated. Thanks Rob
  4. L

    Shell regexp and shell script changing url links to base64 in css files

    so this script can alter the url to data64 encoding by matching in css file background-image: url(afdsf.png). some contribute this: echo 'background-image: url("../images/doesntmatter/imgDoesNotMatter.png");' | sed -r 's,background-image\s*:\s*url\("(.+)"\);,\1,'...
  5. z3R0

    Shell compare multiple files against one base file (diff?)

    Hi! I'm trying to compare one base config file to 500 other config files and wanted some help. Are there any command line tools that are built to solve this specific problem or perl/python? I don't think diff was built for this. I'd appreciate any help! Thanks!
  6. clawhammer

    Solved Whats happening when I type ls and then press ^d?

    On the command line. when I do it with ls command it displays: ls ls-F lsextattr lsvfs. when I do it with cat command it displays: cat catman. I'm reading The Unix Programming environment book and it says ^d sends the info to the program reading from the terminal.

    mtr - command line only

    Hello guys! Is there any possibility to install MTR tool as the command line only tool? If I try to use pkg, there is a lot of dependencies to install as well. I would like to avoid most of these. Thanks in advance for any reply.
  8. clawhammer

    Solved Are command arguments inherent?

    rm -R the R means recursive. Is -R always recursive in other commands? Is there any solidarity with meaning of arguments or can they be whatever?