com port

  1. J

    Serial port troubles

    I'm having trouble getting a serial port to work in FreeBSD 13.1-RELEASE-p3 GENERIC. I've tried three different configurations. 1) I borrowed a USB-to-RS232 adapter from my employer and it works. It has no brand name or model number printed on it, but FreeBSD detects it just fine: ugen3.2...
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Looking for proper cable for Graceful / Safe Shutdown of server

    Hi, FreeBSD Gurus! Looking for proper cable for Graceful / Safe Shutdown of server: on a SDU/PDU there are several RJ11 ports and manual says tat device able to sending “Safe Shutdown” signal to any PC/server that have an a COM-port and able to make “Graceful Shutdown”. So from one side of...
  3. Sergei_Shablovsky

    Looking for a good 2xCOM ports PCIe adapter

    Hi, FreeBSD Gurus! Looking for a good 2 x COM ports PCIe adapter with better FreeBSD support on a driver level. Any suggestions? UPDATE: I found old card near me in store, is it able to work in FreeBSD? Looks like this is based on : WCH CH382L chip, and uart(4) support them natively.
  4. S

    COM Port Cable Confusion

    I have been successfully connecting FreeBSD machines to Windows machines through the serial port and with the help of what I call "a serial COM port cable" and a USB-COMPORT adapter. I use putty since it is the simplest. On the FreeBSD machine, I have these lines present in the /boot/loader.conf...