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    Solved What's the cloned_interfaces equivalent of gif_interfaces?

    Hi, I am using gif_interfaces for setting up a HE tunnel broker connection. While everything still works I get this warning: /etc/rc.d/netif: WARNING: $gif_interfaces is obsolete. Use $cloned_interfaces instead. However simply renaming it to cloned_interfaces doesn't do the trick. My...
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    /dev/tun jail cloning: tunX always increased

    Hello, I can't find answer to the /dev/tun usage - situation: - In the host I don't use /dev/tun - In the jail I have (the only one I consider relevant) cloned_interfaces="tun" - When I restart the jail the /dev/tunX gets increased, like X++ - It doesn't help even to clean up manually like...
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    Solved Where can I find a documentation about bsd networking: specifically about cloned interfaces?

    Hello. I started recently building a server based on the latest FreeBSD version. I try to put each small service into its jail. Everything seems to be fine when following Handbook. But one thing which I do not get and cannot google why do I need to create a cloned interface? I cannot find by...