1. Dwerva

    xrdp file copy/paste works for root but not users

    Hello all, I do not post this request for help lightly. There are very few problems I cannot solve myself but this one has had me stumped for a week now. This smells of a permissions issue but damned if I can find it. Does anyone have a direction they can point me in that I may be missing...
  2. alemoppo

    Solved copy paste VMware FreeBSD 13.0

    Hello! I would to use copy-paste from host to FreeBsd 13.0 (guest), I think i should use vm-tools. According to this article, it's just required to run: pkg install open-vm-tools as root. After installed the vm-tools, nothing has changed (i tried also to reboot FreeBSD). I'm running FreeBSD...
  3. B

    Clipboard and Jails

    I think I know the answer to this, but want to confirm... I'm setting up the Falkon browser in my jails, and one of the options is to allow Javascript access to the clipboard. I'm guessing that it only has access to the clipboard internal to the jail, but I really want to confirm that. The...