1. Cath O'Deray

    FreeBSD Project-provided Matrix service

    Please see:
  2. B

    XMPP chat for freebsd, for anyone interested

    Those of you xmpp-inclined, join :) I am happy to hand over ownership of this to any freebsd dev or forum moderator that asks, I just want to start the community
  3. Buck

    Reviving old threads?

    Can someone explain to me why answering with a solution (or adding a useful info) in an old thread is considered universally bad? I usually look for answers on search engines, naturally forum threads on various sites turn up. So I'm essentially treating the threads as QA pages, if a relevant...
  4. PacketMan

    Anyone know if there is any currently any effort ongoing to port into the tree? Any got it up and running? Just curious.
  5. D

    Solved Say Hello (CHAT)

    What I'm really missing on FreeBSD forums is a theme for chat, where we can talk together about everything, so if someone has some "silly" questions :D, and doesn't want/doesn't know how to create a new theme — he can ask it here. I'm administrating few forums (forums about drug abuse and harm...