1. PacketMan

    Anyone know if there is any currently any effort ongoing to port into the tree? Any got it up and running? Just curious.
  2. sidetone

    PF Firewall settings for XMPP

    Most of the time when I set up an XMPP / Jabber firewall in PF, others' accounts show, but most messages get blocked. grep xmpp /etc/services gives: xmpp-client 5222 tcp and udp xmpp-server 5269 tcp and udp I added more ports, including those for chat and those based on a search, but...
  3. ILUXA

    Solved Say Hello (CHAT)

    What I'm really missing on FreeBSD forums is a theme for chat, where we can talk together about everything, so if someone has some "silly" questions :D, and doesn't want/doesn't know how to create a new theme — he can ask it here. I'm administrating few forums (forums about drug abuse and harm...