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What I'm really missing on FreeBSD forums is a theme for chat,
where we can talk together about everything, so if someone has some "silly" questions :D,
and doesn't want/doesn't know how to create a new theme — he can ask it here.
I'm administrating few forums (forums about drug abuse and harm reduction) and some kind of theme for chatting
is available on each of them and it is very popular, so this theme is needed IMHO.

So Hello everyone! and good night ;)
Hello tetragir! Yes, they exist, like some mail lists or chat rooms, like someone wrote here yesterday, but for some reason deleted his message.
But Xenforo is not such a bad forum software to ignore its usability IMO… Also, on IRC channels/chat rooms,
its public may not be related to this forum, while only registered forum users will use forum chat.
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