1. D

    Issue with default Linuxulator: failed to load amdgpu

    I've been running a Linux binary (its from an open-source Godot project but there was no FreeBSD version) using the default Linuxulator. Weirdly enough, this binary worked the other day because it complained about the same error below and I installed graphics/linux-c7-dri and it worked. In the...
  2. henninb

    bhyve - Running Centos7 on FreeBSD

    I am very close to getting Centos7 (version 1503) running on FreeBSD 11.1 with bhyve, but I am stuck. I have used the following instructions for installation. Please let me know if you can advice how to address the /dev/mapper/centos-root issue or an alternative way to get Centos7 running in...
  3. gregf

    Solved bhyve centos kickstarter

    Hi, I'm wondering how I can install centos using a kickstarter file under bhyve. The way I would normally do it is bake the ks.cfg into the iso file and edit isolinux.cfg adding append initrd=initrd.img inst.stage2=hd:LABEL=CentOS-7 inst.ks=cdrom:/dev/cdrom:/ks.cfg Since bhyve uses grub2...
  4. B

    bhyve centos vm installation "not a correct XFS inode"

    Because of several reasons I must install a centos7 virtual machine on a zfs filesystem on freebsd 11 (It must be centos, there is no other option for that) Furthermore I need to be able to send a ZFS snapshot of the virtual machine to a remote backup system on a regular base. Which means that...