1. nosheep

    "NOT READY, Medium not present" when connecting Sony Ericsson W810

    Hi I'm trying to connect my old phone Sony Ericsson W810 to my FreeBSD desktop. The purpose is just to use the phone as a mp3 player, so I just need to copy/paste files from my desktop to the phone. In the phone I have a 4GB Memory Stick Pro Duo. It works out of the box on Debian and Ubuntu...
  2. Buck

    Cell modem to receive SMS?

    Is there a known tested hardware/software combo, such as a USB dongle modem for example, that could allow for receiving SMS messages on a FreeBSD machine? I don't care much for the format, it could be a text file dump, but something semi-automatic, without the need to write scripts with AT...
  3. S

    Help Needed to wipe a cellphone and/or a tablet with FreeBSD

    Ok so here's the thing.: I'm trying to purify/wipe cellphones and tablets in a safe and secure manner by using any app/program/port made for wiping HDDs and SSDs. Right now, I've tried using BCwipe to wipe the device "ugen0.2" (which is the phone I want to wipe) but it keeps resulting in an I/O...