1. K

    Add multicast group membership to an interface

    I'm using netmap and a tap interface to manipulate network traffic with a c-program. Everything works fine when the physical interface is in promiscuous mode, but I want to avoid that. The problem is that I'm not receiving multicast frames on the physical interface because the programs...
  2. Snake

    C C/C++ and libsysinfo Raspberry Pi3 B+

    Hi community! I'm a beginner in FreeBSD and C/C++ world and my English is bad :( Sorry. I have a problem with libsysinfo 0.0.3_2 My Project: I install FreeBSD 13 + prosody on RPi3 this sends reports to my client on a daily basis (cron). It works fine with Python + xmpp + psutil libs for Python...
  3. H

    Other Rust-Lang and C\C++.

    Hello, Is it true that Rust-Lang is a replacement to C\C++? What is the plan of FreeBSD about it? Is it possible that FreeBSD rewritten in Rust-Lang? Thank you.
  4. K

    C Question about FreeBSD(11)'s protocol stack

    Hi, I want to define a variable for counting received packets in tcp_syncache.c file. how can I do that? Do I need to use a lock? how? thanks in advance
  5. S

    Solved Debuggers not working?

    I have been writing some C codes lately and found that both lldb and gdb are not working as expected. Perhaps I am doing something wrong? In the following, I am running a freshly installed FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE on bhyve, but I have the same problem on my host machine as well. %freebsd-version...
  6. Isaac Monteiro

    Clang error in optimization

    Hi, I tried to compile this http://lolengine.net/wiki/oss/lolremez with clang, but using any optimization causes the program to behave in a very strange way and gives numerically erroneous results. Compile without optimization produces a very slow binary, so I have to compile using g++48 to use...