1. dbdemon

    Error when building 14.0-STABLE: incompatible integer to pointer conversion

    I'm trying to build the stable/14 branch, but I keep getting the below error: # kldload filemon # make j14 buildworld ... building shared library Building /usr/obj/usr/src/amd64.amd64/obj-lib32/lib/librt/ Building...
  2. GoNeFast_01

    Compiling Kernel Debugging and Know-Hows.

    I was having the known problem with Text Console using CTRL + ALT + F1-F8 bug of tearing / square pixelated screens. I am currently still trying/testing with some options in /boot/loader.conf file to see if I can fix this issue of the tearing with Nvidia drivers 510.60.2. Similar to...
  3. I

    "make buildworld" command to use multiple CPUs - possible?

    I notice that whenever I run make buildworld, it is using only a single CPU. Is it possible to make it use all the CPUs?
  4. Andreas Strauch

    How to get to base.txz for my BeagleBone?

    I have tried to google and forum-search all of last weekend to solve the following problem: Where do I get base.txz and kernel.txz for my BeagleBone Black? Specifically, I want to setup some jails on my BBB, but for that I need the DISTRIBUTION files... root@beaglebone:~ # ezjail-admin install...
  5. U

    How could I add gcc compiler at build world or build kernel stage ??

    How could I add gcc compiler at buildworld or buildkernel stage ?? which Makefile I can set this up. thanks.
  6. P

    make buildworld fails on 10.3

    Hello there. Recently deployed 10.3 and tried building 'world' and get an error: --- _worldtmp --- -------------------------------------------------------------- >>> Rebuilding the temporary build tree -------------------------------------------------------------- rm -rf...
  7. P

    clang error make buildworld freebsd-current

    I am tying to buildworld on an ivybridge (amd64) machine and I get the following error: ===> lib/libc/tests/ssp (all) (cd /usr/src/lib/libc/tests/ssp && DEPENDFILE=.depend.h_fgets NO_SUBDIR=1 make -f /usr/src/lib/libc/tests/ssp/Makefile _RECURSING_PROGS=t PROG=h_fgets ) (cd...
  8. sidetone

    Solved Is it possible to buildworld without base compilers to use package compilers

    Is it possible to buildworld without Clang or GCC, so a newer llvm or Clang can be installed as a package? I tried this, and now I'm stuck with a system that can't compile anything, from the package compilers. This topic seems to belong in "Installing and Upgrading FreeBSD..." but its about...
  9. ComradeSlice

    Solved stable/11 buildworld ZFS linking issues

    I am running 11.0-PRERELEASE and am attempting to upgrade to the latest revision of stable/11. When building world I get linker issues involving ZFS libraries. Some experimentation I have done indicates that the builder is actually trying to link to my own system's ZFS libraries. As a test I...
  10. T

    Solved Building FreeBSD 11.0-stable on FreeBSD 10.1-stable fails

    The machine runs FreeBSD 10.1-stable: tingo@kg-v7$ uname -a FreeBSD 10.1-STABLE FreeBSD 10.1-STABLE #0 r278322: Fri Feb 6 21:36:01 CET 2015 amd64 I have cleaned out /usr/src (and /usr/obj) and downloaded latest stable/11 via...
  11. ThePanaceya

    Solved Buildworld failed

    Hello! I try to build new world and kernel, but receive error: In file included from /usr/src/lib/clang/libllvmsupport/../../../contrib/llvm/lib/Support/system_error.cpp:14: In file included from /usr/src/lib/clang/libllvmsupport/../../../contrib/llvm/include/llvm/Support/system_error.h:228...
  12. M

    Broken ports while updating 7.4 -> 8.0 -> 8.4

    I'm trying to update my old system: 7.4-RELEASE-p5 -> 8.4-RELEASE-p36 After running #cd /usr/src and #make buildworld: ===> lib/libmagic (obj,build-tools) /var/tmp//cc46YY2J.o(.text+0xdfb): In function `load_1': : undefined reference to `getline' *** Error code 1 1 error *** Error code 2 1...
  13. M

    Solved What is ctfmerge and why is it preventing me from building a kernel?

    See initial thread: unable-to-buildkernel-and-other-odd-behavior.54613. I don't mean to create duplicates, but this seems like it should be a separate topic. The machine I'm using has an AMD Phenom II Quad Core with 16 GB of RAM and a 6 TB ZFS pool. FreeBSD 8.x-RELEASE was initially installed...
  14. M

    Solved Unable to buildkernel and other odd behavior

    When I was upgrading from 10.1-RELEASE to 10.2-RELEASE through a normal binary update with freebsd-update -r 10.2-RELEASE, I got a few errors about no files existing: /usr/sbin/freebsd-update: cannot open files/.gz: No such file or directory I followed this solution, by updating the src, the...