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  1. E

    Buildworld Error - Trying to Go from 12.2-RELEASE to 12-STABLE

    I'm coming from the Gentoo world, so installing or upgrading doesn't scare me. Neither does editing config files. I'm running into the following buildworld error when going from 12.2-RELEASE-p4 to 12-STABLE --- isatty.o --- clang -O2 -pipe -O2 -pipe -fno-strict-aliasing -fno-common...
  2. A

    compiling and installing freebsd

    Is it possible to get all necessary source code through svn by pulling lets say 11.4 and compiling and installing the FreeBSD on laptop? How much typically time is required for a clean build on source tree which typically involves all necessary packages? And how much size of repository source...
  3. A

    Not a How-To: FreeBSD 11 from 0 to full build in less than 2.5 hours

    boring, and a sort of a lost momentum is there Some seminar to attend: Example again: I think there is slipup where "worrier" should have been warrior? Happens to me sometimes. 1. Do not exit install after finishing and answer yes to get to Shell. Once at the prompt type in ee...
  4. sidetone

    build world on memory disk

    What are suggestions for best practices of building world on memory disk? I tried doing the whole process from single user mode mounting the /usr/obj/ directory as a memory disk, because dropping down from multi-user mode deletes the entire build stored on RAM. Also, it can delete the build for...