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  1. Andreas Strauch

    How to get to base.txz for my BeagleBone?

    I have tried to google and forum-search all of last weekend to solve the following problem: Where do I get base.txz and kernel.txz for my BeagleBone Black? Specifically, I want to setup some jails on my BBB, but for that I need the DISTRIBUTION files... root@beaglebone:~ # ezjail-admin install...
  2. ulzeraj

    Solved Nanobsd: "missing directory in specification" while building disk image

    Hi. I've searched the forums and the net for this without success. I'm trying to build a 13.0 nanobsd image from qemu-amd64-uefi.cfg. The build machine is a default amd64 12.2-STABLE. This is what I did so far: - Git cloned the repo into /usr/src...
  3. N

    Solved build cloud image using package

    Hi, I want to build a cloud image (qcow2) from pkg so many good tools available which can use for creating a cloud-ready image, I am using kiwi tools to build RedHat and Debian Linux, now looking similar utility to build the image. Thanks, Nk