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  1. S

    Excessive heat on Lenovo Thinkpad E450 even with CPU @ 100% idle

    Hello everyone, I am new to FreeBSD and this is my first post. I filed 271938 to technically follow through the issue mentioned in the title. But posting here for visibility, suggestions, ideas and experience. My Lenovo Thinkpad E450 generates excessive heat even without any CPU usage (~100%...
  2. R

    zfskeys requires /usr/bin/timeout

    I'm trying to make system, with all datasets encrypted except root. So, /usr is encrypted. But zfskeys requires it. Is this legal for /etc/rc.d script to use something from /usr ? :) I tried to register on bugs.freebsd.org, but I don't seem to get any mail from there. UPS: zfskeys is only...
  3. grahamperrin

    pr coding: titles

    <https://forums.freebsd.org/help/bb-codes/#pr> To forum administrators: please, is it possible for the result of coding to show more than just a positive integer? See for example <https://forums.freebsd.org/posts/541332>, Instead, the title of the bug report will be ideal. Thanks.