1. sidetone

    Bluetooth: investigating dongle use for HID hardware: FreeBSD 13

    Bluetooth Human Interface Device peripherals are on BTHIDD architecture, rather than UHID, IICHID or USBHID architectures. BTHIDD is based on libusb, so it doesn't have the range of hardware compatibility that USBHID has. HID-over-I2C was by Microsoft, so wasn't supported by Apple, and it isn't...
  2. lissyara

    hccontrol -n ubt0hci inquiry not see any bluetooth mouse

    I try 13.1-RELEASE and 12.3-RELEASE I try intel/realtec/Qualcomm bluetooth integrated in wifi or usb device try with different mouses: Logitech G604 and SVEN RX-575SW as example hccontrol -n ubt0hci Read_Local_Version_Information HCI version: Bluetooth HCI Specification 5.1 [0xa] HCI revision...
  3. angeryman

    Solved Bluetooth Mouse in FreeBSD 13 - Logitech M337

    Logitech M337 couldn't connect and use in FB 13, I try may time and get a way to solve it. I hope it wouls help someone else. 1. Make sure mouse bd_addr IS *NOT* in the /var/db/bthidd.hids: the bd_addr of the mouse from bthidd.hids file 2. Restart bthidd deamon: service bthidd restart
  4. landauclassic

    8Bitdo Gamepad

    Hello : I am trying to configure a bluetooth gamepad on FreeBSD 13.0, specifically an 8Bitdo SF30, basically a clone of the classic SNES controller. I have not found any information regarding this gamepad in this forum. I have configured , hcsecd and bthidd successfully, actually the...
  5. pela0

    HID Descriptor for a BT Mouse

    Hi Forum, I'm trying to connect my old Kensington SureTrack BT mouse via hccontrol... it connects with no fuss but X,Y and Z axis are wrong. I used /usr/src/usr.sbin/bluetooth/bthidd/bthidd.conf.sample bthidd.conf as a starting point, but HID descriptor seems to be wrong. Could anyone point...