1. E

    Which way is better, customizing base.txz or using

    I'm trying to make my own FreeBSD iso which installs kde automatically, and I found two ways. First is extract base.txz, install all packages I need with help of chroot, repackage base.txz and put it into iso file. Second is add a script /usr/libexec/bsdinstall/ to install...
  2. jimkoen

    Solved Modifying configuration files in scripted install

    EDIT: Well this is kind of akward, but it turned out that I could resolve this rather quickly using heredoc strings. Given I'm using Ansible to create the installerconfig file, just copying the modified sshd_config into installerconfig in full via templates actually seems to be the easiest...
  3. F

    bsdinstall script fails when run from Packer

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to use Packer to build an AWS AMI of FreeBSD 13.2 with the root filesystem on an ZFS mirror. I've tried using both a bsdinstall script and a shell script which invokes the individual bsdinstall commands in sequence. In both cases, the Packer shell provisioner detects an...
  4. jimkoen

    Solved Scripting the bsdinstall utility - running into problems when trying the given example from the manpage

    Hello, I am currently trying to create a custom script for bsdinstall for my server. I want to apply the partition layout for that specific machine, as well as install certain packages and create some users at install time. My end goal is to have a non-root user account created on install, as...
  5. U

    Solved Difficulty upgrading Jails

    Hi All, I upgraded my server from 13.0-RELEASE-p4 to 13.0-RELEASE-p13, and when I tried to run python3.9 in a jail I got the following error: /lib/ version FBSD_1.7 required by /usr/local/lib/ not found So I search on the forum and find this...
  6. Farhan Khan

    bsdinstall's /etc/installerconfig networking help

    Hi all, I am trying to use etc/installerconfig to templatize the dev VM installations that I frequently do, but cannot figure out how to enable networking. I would like to enable networking during the install, so that I can download packages. The interface name with likely be em0, or vtnet0. Is...
  7. F

    Solved bsdinstall FTP Permission Denied Error

    When I run bsdinstall jail <jailpath> and select a mirror I get: Could not download I click <restart> and and get: Error while fetching
  8. J

    Solved Reinstalling from UFS to ZFS (mirror)

    Is it possibe to run bsdinstall from an existing installation (12.1-RELEASE) onto another connected HDD? Reason I ask is because I'm looking to move/reinstall FreeBSD on my desktop machine from a single 1TB HDD (UFS) to 2x 1TB (ZFS mirror). Here are the steps I am thinking of following so far...
  9. N

    Solved unable to create more than 6 partitions using mfsbsd (UFS/GPT)

    Hi, I am trying to configure FreeBSD 11.1 auto installation using the mfsbsd utility, Auto installation works fine when I define 6 partitions but when I try to configure more than 6 partitions then it failed with no space available index '9' While checking the mfsbsd scripts under...
  10. H

    Solved Configuring IPv6 via SLAAC outside of bsdinstall?

    Hello! My immediate goal is the installation of FreeBSD over a Remote SSH session. Prerequisite to that, I need to configure the network on the machine using a Live CD. I’d like to configure IPv4 using DHCP and IPv6 through SLAAC in the same manner that bsdinstall does during a “normal” initial...