1. scotia

    Solved Bridging OpenConnect VPN server client tunnels to a central site

    Hi, I've got a FreeBSD VM in a DC running net/ocserv that allows clients to access my network over SSL. It dutifully creates tunnel interfaces as each client connects, and clients route back to the central site via the VM (as it happens over an IPSEC tunnel). Rather that normally route the...
  2. erley

    Solved Routing between bridged interfaces

    Hello, I'm having strange problem with routing between bridged network interfaces. /internet/ | ae0 +---------+ +--------+ | |---wlan0 - - - - - - - - - - - - | Host2 | | Host1 | +--------+ +--------+ | |---bge0 - - - -...
  3. patpro

    Config problem with SoftEther VPN

    Hello, I'm trying to setup SoftEther VPN server on a FreeBSD internet gateway (between my home LAN and the Internet). My problem is exactly the same as in the thread "PC-to-LAN connection ok, but…" of softether users forum ( but I'm running...
  4. L

    PF PF outbound rule on a bridge member interface did not stop packets

    Dear Exports, I have a puzzle on my hand. I have a network isolated from the Internet. The freeBSD computer has 4 Ethernet ports, but only 3 are involved in this puzzle while the 4th is only used to access the freeBSD. My basic goal is to send some of the multicast from the up stream...
  5. Nyakov

    Solved jail + vnet + SLAAC + ipfw

    I decided to share my setup for SLAAC on jail vnet. 1. Create bridge and epair interface in /etc/rc.conf #Configure bridge interface for jails vnet #epair0 - jail interface cloned_interfaces="bridge0 epair0" #create bridge and epair ifconfig_bridge0="ether xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx addm re0 SYNCDHCP"...
  6. R

    Solved BRIDGE interfaces MAC address range

    Hello all, i have a challenge with the generated mac address on the bridge interface. I am building a host wich serves as base for a number of jails so i am creating a VNET network config, becasue i had to compile the kernel vor VNET support i thought to be wise and created a OVF of the VM...
  7. Farhan Khan

    vale vs bridge

    Hi all, What's the difference between vale and a bridge? The only thing that I gather thus far is that bridge is a simple forwarder, irrespective of the destined mac address, whereas vale will verify based on the mac since its a switch? Is this an over-simplification or accurate or mistaken?
  8. thomas_l

    Open vSwitch for SDN via GRE/IPSEC tunnel

    Hey FreeBSD people, I'm a long term Linux user who would like to include one or more FreeBSD server into his server infrastructure. Last week I set up a virtual management network via Open vSwitch on my Linux machines. This network connects Linux containers over multiple hosts. The network...
  9. Nicola Mingotti

    Solved Wifi AP too slow

    Hi guys, I have this problem I can not sort out, I hope you can give me some ideas. The story is I made an Wireless Access point in FreeBSD-11.1 running in an BeagleBone Black. My wifi adapter is an Alfa AWUS036HN, recognized as "run0", 802.11g. [n not available] The thing works, the olny...
  10. peterchris

    Test bridge and tap first without VM?

    Is it possible to first test a bridge and tap, and maybe even a virtual network interface, before applying it to a VM? I imagine the virtual interface would not be the same one that the VM would create, but, this would be a nice troubleshooting step for getting bridged networking to work on...
  11. arader

    Am I crazy? (Bridging + VLANS + LAGG)

    Hi all, I run a freeBSD router at home and I love it, I'm always finding new ways to expand my understanding of networking. I recently bought a 4x SFP+ 10GB Chelsio card to play with, and I'm coming up with ways to use it. I already have 4x GBE ports lagg'd together in lagg0. I then apply a...
  12. D

    Virtualbox guest not recieving traffic from bridge

    I have two bridged interfaces, each bridged to a different VLAN interface, and I'd like to have a Virtualbox guest (Linux) access both bridge interfaces. I set this up, but after some connectivity issues, I discovered that the guest can transmit fine (so I see traffic originating from the guest...
  13. taupehat

    Use of VLAN isolates bhyve host from VM [FreeNAS]

    I have a bug report filed here but have the feeling this may be upstream. The basic problem is that when bridge0 is associated with a trunked interface, then the host and VM cannot communicate with each other (they can both communicate everywhere else just fine). As an experiment I set the...
  14. Alejandro

    bridge with default VLAN

    Hello everyone! I need help with bridging VLANs and "tap" interfaces for bhyve-VMs. I assume I have misunderstood of networking basics here so please don't kick me too hard. I've already asked at the churchers/vm-bhyve (, but no solution so far...
  15. J

    VirtualBox bridged network with FreeBSD - no route to host

    Hi all, I've been fighting with following setup with no success several days: 10.3-RELEASE-p12, virtualbox 5.1.6 from pkg, two nics and bridged nic on vbox and internal nic. There is "no route to host" when pinging to vm, and there are no replies from inside of vm. Arp shows the correct...
  16. Petr Fischer

    bridge0+tap devices weird state after suspend/resume

    Hello! I created bridge0 ( device with few tapX network devices ( (bridged together by bridge0) for bhyve vms. Then I created NAT (pf.conf), that solves networking via wlan0 (wifi card). Why? Because simple bridging doesn't work with wlan0/wifi interfaces (NAT works)...
  17. post.ed

    bridge where freebsd as pptp_client

    em0 - internet ng0 - pptp_client (mpd5) em1 - internal net 1 vlan207 - internal net 2 Hi, how to make, that will work as a network bridge between ng0 and vlan207 ?
  18. C

    Solved OpenVPN problem from outside network

    Hi everyone, I have installed OpenVPN on a FreeBSD 10.3. and everything works fine since I am inside of the LAN, when I connect from internet it can successfully connect to the OpenVPN service but then there is no redirection at all back to internet. Thank you very much Ip router...
  19. mmccoo

    Bridge doesn't setup correctly on boot

    Problem summary When booting, a bridge is created, but the two member networks are not added. if I just do service netif restart, the members are added and the bridge is fine but wlan0 is now open instead of secured. if I then do service hostapd restart, the wlan0 is back to protected. After...
  20. S

    Issues with bridge

    All, I have a few questions. My home system is using a bridge for various reasons, mostly to enable my VMS in BHyve to access the outside world through tap0. My rc.conf and pf.conf are below. When I use this setup, my VMS can connect out and receive addresses on the network. When I reboot...