1. dtynan

    Issues with boot0/boot1 on a CF card

    I have a WRAP board (PC Engines) which had some issues running 12.4, so I wanted to reinstall 12.1 and ran into boot issues. I've built a blank CF card with a combination of `gpart`/`bsdlabel` and untarring the 12.1 base/kernel tarballs. I used gpart rather than fdisk to create the slices...
  2. JBritannia

    Solved Problem with recovering BSD install after messing with Windows install and MBR

    Hello people. I have a legacy dual boot BSD+Windows setup. Recently I did some Windows-y stuff and messed with the boot loader. Anyhow; In an attempt to recover my FreeBSD install I wrote a bootonly iso to a thumb drive, booted BSD and ran boot0cfg -B /dev/ada0 boot0cfg -m 0x5 -s 1 -t 90...
  3. L

    sun/oracle sparc64 T4-1 boot woes

    "getting pretty good at the openboot..." --famous last words. So... I've tried to boot the ISO files burned to cdrom on my sparc64 in several several ways. no dice. (iso's burned from linux w/ brasero & wodim) As far as I can tell, the t4-1 niagara seems to be supported, (or at least not...