boot menu

  1. JBritannia

    Solved Problem with recovering BSD install after messing with Windows install and MBR

    Hello people. I have a legacy dual boot BSD+Windows setup. Recently I did some Windows-y stuff and messed with the boot loader. Anyhow; In an attempt to recover my FreeBSD install I wrote a bootonly iso to a thumb drive, booted BSD and ran boot0cfg -B /dev/ada0 boot0cfg -m 0x5 -s 1 -t 90...
  2. driesm

    Setting password to protect beastie boot menu

    Whenever I try to set a password in loader.conf in terms of password="test" my system does not autoboot nor does it show the beastie boot menu. From the manual pages: password Protect boot menu with a password without interrupting autoboot process. The password should be in clear text format...