1. sacviper

    Blender 2.80_3 Interface not working

    I just installed graphics/blender using pkg and i am getting interface artifacts I have attached screenshot please let me know what the problem is. I am using ATI Turks XT Radeon HD 6670. This fresh installation.
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    Solved Building Blender port with video editor enabled

    Hi All Although Blender is mainly used as a 3D creation suite it also has probably the best video editor available on linux or unix, and the closest thing i have found to final cut pro Unfortunately the video editor isnt enabled in the blender pkg, im not sure if its a licensing issue that...
  3. A

    Solved Blender, ImportError: No module named numpy, default version python

    Hi all, When in blender, I try to load an addon using numpy or to import numpy in the blender's console, and I get the following error : ImportError: No module named numpy But numpy was installed with blender. pkg info | grep numpy py27-numpy-1.11.0,1 The New Numeric Extension to...
  4. M

    Building (Blender) with OpenMP

    I've been trying to build blender with OpenMP. Here's what I got so far: 1.) Modify the makefile to include those features. # Only works, if everything else is compiled with the same compiler OPENMP_CMAKE_ON= -DWITH_OPENMP:BOOL=ON OPENMP_CMAKE_OFF= -DWITH_OPENMP:BOOL=OFF...