bitperfect audio

  1. C

    Audiophile options for a HQ external USB DAC

    Guys, I'm quite new to the FreeBSD world but amazed so far. Please, out of curiosity, you guys who use USB DACs could you share ideas and/or sysctl.conf how to tweak the audio system for highest possible quality. Things regarding bitperfect and such. Thank you! This is all I currently got: #...
  2. First_Law_of_Unix

    Are there any GUI based multi-band Parametric Equalizer for system sound?

    Hello, I need to use a GUI based multi-band Parametric Equalizer so that I can fine tune the output sound. I'm not doing any kind of music or multimedia production, just simply like to hear audio content at high grade using an ESI Juli@ sound card. 8+ bands is ideal. I did some googling and...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    Bitperfect audio with the music player daemon and Freebsd

    How to set up the music player daemon with bitperfect audio on Freebsd