1. F

    Linux binary vs FreeBSD binary

    I'm working on a project about recompiling Linux binaries to FreeBSD. No, I'm not talking about Linux binary compatibility. I want to do something different. I know FreeBSD and Linux are two different OSes, and it's very hard or maybe impossible to do something like that, but all fine... I will...
  2. Spity

    How create binary from ports?

    I installed librsvg2 -2.50 from ports. How can I create a binary and use it in a clean install and not wait 2 hours for compilation?
  3. chrbr

    Re-use downloads for freebsd-update

    Dear community, usually an upgrade of FreeBSD using freebsd-update is nothing to worry about. Just run fetch and install as documented and take care about the packages. And that's it. But there might be an option to speep up and save bandwidth if more than one system is to be updated. As far as...
  4. J

    Tensorflow package/binary install

    Hello everyone, I needed to install Tensorflow 2.1 for a project. Tensorflow is not available in the packages and the port is a very old version of Tensorflow (1.4 if I remember well). So I tried to compile it from source. And, actually, it seems to be possible to compile Tensorflow for FreeBSD...
  5. Rastko

    Solved Single tool for maintaining everything

    Hi, Couple of questions about portmaster. Given that the documentation and some tools related to the "ports" system regard programs installed from binary package repository as "ports", does that mean: 1. We can use tools like portmaster to manage everything, regardless of the way it was...
  6. Hornpipe2

    How do binary packages get added to

    Exactly what the title says. How do binary packages for FreeBSD get built and posted to My question specifically concerns graphics/php56-gd, which has compile-time switches to enable or disable XPM and t1lib support. Enabling these two options pulls in a whole bunch of X11...
  7. B

    Troubles with calling kern_execve from kthread_create

    Hello, Everyone. I'm loading kernel module by kldload... I'm trying to call kern_execve() from kthread_create(): if I call kern_execve() directly from start() - everything works fine, but if I call kthread_create() from start() and then call kern_execve() from the created child - I'm getting...