1. subnetspider

    BGP on FreeBSD VPS and OSPF over VPN?

    Hello everyone, Over the last year and a half I have learned a lot about IPv6, but unfortunately I am limited by my available ISPs (only dynamic IPv6 prefixes or prohibitively expensive business contracts). So I was thinking about getting my own ASN and renting a PI /48 IPv6 prefix so I can use...
  2. S

    Build Router HA Cluster with BGP Support

    Hello, i want to build a Router HA Cluster with two hardware servers. Each Node should have one IP per subnet and the default Gateway IP of the subnet would be a CARP IP bound to the active node. So far this seems to be straight forward and would work great for static routing. The router...
  3. angelvg

    rpki-client help... Solved!

    Hello friends, I am trying to use the rpki-client without success... # pkg search rpki rpki-client-6.7.p1 Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) implementation from OpenBSD # pkg install rpki-client # ls /usr/local/etc/rpki/ afrinic.tal apnic.tal lacnic.tal...