1. sidetone

    RISC-V Single Board Computers (SBC's)

    FreeBSD has microSD images for generic RiscV SBC's (Single Board Computers) RiscV is based on open hardware designs. BeagleV is one product series of board which uses the RiscV architecture. There's two products at this time which cost about $150. One board offers micro HDMI output. Does anyone...
  2. comarius

    Beagle Bone Black/Green

    Hi, I am struggling for a day now to boot '' on either BeagleBone Green or Black. I have a bunch of class 10 SD cards. I burn all 2018 may versions. The system picks the eMMC uboot and reboot's forerev in u-boot prompt. Then I followed the...
  3. Phishfry

    libgpio example on Beaglebone

    I am messing with libgpio and I modified the example below to work with the Beaglebone. The difference with the Beaglebone is it uses 4 gpio controllers. Labeled gpioc0-gpioc3. Each has 32 pins assigned. I wanted to use blink.c to run the...
  4. Phishfry

    PWM on Beaglebone

    I am looking to use PWM on the GPIO pins. FreeBSD 10.x seems to offer sysctl settings for usage. What is the mechanism for usage on FreeBSD 11.x ? I am looking to drive an R/C servo. Here are the BBB 10.4 settings: root@beaglebone:~ # sysctl dev.am335x_pwm dev.am335x_pwm.2.dutyB: 0...
  5. P

    Network configuration on FreeBSD

    Hi Guys, I have setup a FreeBSD on a beagle bone and am facing networking issues on this setup. All I need is network access on this FreeBSD. Currently I can ping the gateway but cannot ping ant device that is on the same router. Here is how I have set it up. I have a router connected to my...
  6. P

    Installing FreeBSD on eMMC of Beaglebone

    I have a working copy of the current version of FreeBSD-12 on beaglebone. But this copy is on the SD card. The beagle bone has about 4GB of eMMC space and I want to transfer the image from the SD card to the eMMC. Does anyone know how to do this?
  7. vlotho

    Solved Crochet supported platform

    Hi, I wanted to know if Crochet supported the different models of cards for Banana Pi, Beagle Bone, or Wandboard?
  8. gustopn

    Raspberry Pi B and bad SD card IO performance

    So! I am here again, LOL! KDB: debugger backends: ddb KDB: current backend: ddb Copyright (c) 1992-2015 The FreeBSD Project. Copyright (c) 1979, 1980, 1983, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994 The Regents of the University of California. All rights reserved. FreeBSD is a registered...
  9. gustopn

    Beagle Bone Black FreeBSD 10 LibSSL Problem

    so I have this Beagle Bone Black and it works quite well with FreeBSD 10, however I discovered some minor problems with it, like the fact that fetch does not work because it lacks some kind of library. So ... first my uname -a FreeBSD beaglebone 10.0-STABLE FreeBSD 10.0-STABLE #0 r261200: Wed...
  10. B

    Beagle recommendations

    I have been toying with my Raspberry Pi for a while now, stuck with Linux thus far. I need to make another pass at FreeBSD on the Pi but between reports of NetBSD bugs and struggles, I cannot help but wonder, perhaps the Beagle products are a little more solid for BSD use. Certainly they have a...