1. W

    Can't detect wireless adapter BCM43225 despite if_bwn and bwn_v4_ucode loaded

    Hello. I'm trying to get wifi working on my laptop Samsung 700Z3A with a broadcom wifi adapter. sysctl net.wlan.devices finds no adapters (and ifconfig doesn't find it either). So that's where my adventure starts. Here's a list of what's given: if_bwn is loaded laptop's model is samsung...
  2. K

    Wifi stops working after suspend/resume

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to get wifi to work in an old Macbook. I followed the instructions in this thread: BCM4322 - WIFI Card - Freebsd 11.2 not working. In short, I compiled a new kernel with the BWN_GPL_PHY and BWN_DEBUG options enabled, installed firmware from net/bwn-firmware-kmod, and...
  3. MrRichBOB

    Another BCM4322 (FreeBSD 12)

    I would like to apologise in advance, if this is straight-forward, and/or answered elsewhere on the forum--I have tried for the past few hours to look hard before I dared ask any questions, and I combed through the WiFi section of the Handbook, etc. Basically, in short, I am using an EliteBook...