audio driver

  1. A

    FreeBSD 13.2 not detecting speakers on laptop

    I'm trying to test setting up FreeBSD to replace chromeos on an HP chrome-book (14a-nb0013dx). The sound card seems to be found: but is only showing the HDMI out, not the speakers or headphone jack. USB audio works as expected, as does everything else on the install. For the installation I...
  2. J

    Intel Tiger Lake-H HD Audio Controller

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad P15 laptop, and the Cpu is i9-11950H. I used to run Archlinux on it, but soon I was tired of it updating the software version without my attention, so I wanted to change it to Freebsd. After repeated attempts, I successfully installed Freebsd13.1, boot on zfs with efi on...
  3. First_Law_of_Unix

    Are there any GUI based multi-band Parametric Equalizer for system sound?

    Hello, I need to use a GUI based multi-band Parametric Equalizer so that I can fine tune the output sound. I'm not doing any kind of music or multimedia production, just simply like to hear audio content at high grade using an ESI Juli@ sound card. 8+ bands is ideal. I did some googling and...
  4. fluca1978

    Solved No sound in Lenovo Thinkpad T410 - Conexant CX20585

    I'm trying to make my Lenovo to work at best with FreeBSD 13, but I cannot get any sound from the internal speakers, while it works via the HDMI external port. % uname -a FreeBSD olivia 13.0-RELEASE FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE #0 releng/13.0-n244733-ea31abc261f: Fri Apr 9 04:24:09 UTC 2021...
  5. txerrenak

    I have no sound

    Hello. I have installed FreeBSD, latest version, and two sound cards: Intel Cannon Lake PCH cAVS and NVIDIA TU104 HD. I have followed the steps indicated in When I run 'kldload sound', it says; 'can't load...