Asus E203N - No Audio

    Hello, I have an Asus E203N which doesn't support the Trackpad, 802.11ac, and audio in FreeBSD 12.0 p10. I was able to compile ig4, acpi_iichid, iichid support into the kernel with a patch to get the Trackpad working (would like to get evdev support working). I have an external rtwn device...
  2. T

    Installing on Asus laptop

    So I got a new laptop, and I thought I'd install FreeBSD on it like I did with my old one. Dual booting with Windows. But it seems this hardware probably won't work well with FreeBSD. It has Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter (with wi-fi and Bluetooth), Intel HD Graphics 620...
  3. B

    Solved ASUS reboot issue

    We have long been using ASUS CSM motherboards to build light-duty, inexpensive, very reliable backup servers. Essentially freebsd with a raidz-2 array to support esxi backups, via NFS, rsnapshots and other duties as assigned. We just boot to console. We recently (end of 2017) ran into a bump...
  4. jayxkanz666


    Hey! So this is my second thread on the FreeBSD forums, and I'm trying to get the USB-AC51 by ASUS to work in FreeBSD. In the FreeBSD 10.1-RELEASE release notes, it says that "urtwn(4) has been updated to support the ASUS USB-AC51", so it's supposed to be working. I've tried putting...
  5. rotech911

    Solved Backlight set to zero after X server starts

    Hello friends of BSD, recently, I've been struggling with backlight after X server starts on ASUS laptop. Everything is normally seen in TTY, but after executed startx or automatic slim login manager enabled boot in Xserver dims backlight to zero. For this purpose, I've installed...