1. plexinvise

    Cross-compiling Rust for aarch64 from amd64

    Hi there, I am trying to setup RUST cross compilation and building on AMD64/FreeBSD 14.rc3 for aarch64/FreeBSD 14.rc3. I am very new to cross compilation so not sure what details are needed, please let me know if something is missing. SO I have a project on Rust that I am trying to build for...
  2. jhgorse

    general/other Virtualizing FreeBSD 14 CURRENT on macOS M2 via Parallels 19

    Greetings, I am having an issue with post install and the install disc1 iso of FreeBSD 14 CURRENT arm64 on macOS M2 via Parallels 19. It seems to have installed, but after a few moments of running, either the 14 installer or the installed OS, I receive console spam of this error message...
  3. sidetone

    Share your ARM64/AARCH64 experience for FreeBSD

    Mainly for setting up ARM 64-bit (ARM64/AARCH64) architecture systems which Single Board Computers (SBC's) or miniboards use. In my case, it's a Raspberry Pi 4. This case is under $10 and fits in a front shirt pocket. The MicroSD card didn't fit with the board into the hard case at first, so I...
  4. P

    Raspberry pi 5 status

    I'm going to be getting an rpi5 soon. What is the status of getting FreeBSD running on the rpi5?
  5. C

    What about 2D/3D hardware acceleration and audio support on Raspberry PI?

    Why does FreeBSD do not have that yet? The other day I installed FreeBSD on a Raspberry PI 3 and it works like a charm, but these 2 important features are missing. Why? All Linuxes seem to have it, even NetBSD has it. Why is FreeBSD lacking behind in this? Such a pity...