1. E

    Capsicum not enabled by default on ARM

    I submitted this a while back, but never heard back: What concerns me about this is that cap_enter() doesn't kill the program if it's disabled. I don't think any compiler warnings are sent, nor anything at run time. It just silently...
  2. DiscmanDaemon

    BSD on Qualcomm Snapdragon

    Hello all, I am attempting to compile the BSD kernel for the ARM architecture Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 SOC. This in theory should be trivial since its a supported SOC: However, my attempts so far have failed to boot. I suspect the reason is that this...
  3. Phishfry

    32 billion dollars for Arm

    Something tells me ARM royalties are going up..
  4. aragats

    GPIO Interrupts handling (ARM)

    How to handle GPIO interrupts on BeagleBoard, Raspberry Pi etc. from the user space? That's under TODO at: although the page was edited 1.5 years ago.
  5. vlotho

    Solved Crochet supported platform

    Hi, I wanted to know if Crochet supported the different models of cards for Banana Pi, Beagle Bone, or Wandboard?
  6. tetragir

    Solved Raspberry Pi Zero

    Hi, I would like to ask, if anyone has experience with FreeBSD on a Raspberry Pi Zero? I have the chance to try it on the following weeks, and will report the results.
  7. D

    Solved poudriere package build for RPI

    I am using a FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT as a base and have installed the ports-mgmt/poudriere-devel locally from my base ports tree. I now install a poudriere jail so I can build packages for my Raspberry pi 2. The following commands seem to complete successfully. I set qemu_user_static enabled in...