1. W

    Best practices to deal with multiple users on Apache and Pure-FTP

    Hey guys, whats the best way to setup apache24 for multiple users? My goal: Enable WebDav with 3 groups: Private (Only domain owner access) Group (Domain owner set a group for share documents between other people) Public (Global access by WebDav - like public ftp) Enable Pure-FTP (using...
  2. Itproman

    Solved FAMP -Info.php not decoding

    I followed this tutorial I found doing a search for FAMP and all is well, except for info.php. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-an-apache-mysql-and-php-famp-stack-on-freebsd-10-1 1) www/apache24: "It works!" (sysutils/webmin sees it (after directory path...