1. the3ajm

    Solved Post 12.2 update led to touchpad reset

    I was monitoring packages being rebuilt for 12.2 on Sunday evening and saw it's done so I began the update. After I restarted my PC the first thing I noticed was my touchpad has been "reset" as tap doesn't register on my touchpad and acceleration has set back to default like the first time I've...
  2. TW1920

    Touchpad on Dell Latitude 7400 isn't working

    Hi, on Dell Latitude 7400 the touchpad isn't working. Have tried some ways I found without any success. All other parts are working as they should. There's no /dev/psm0 only after plug in a usb mouse I can see an usm0 - USB mouse is working fine as it should. Is it possible to get an ALPS...