active directory

  1. G

    NFSv4 Issue: No write access on mounted share

    Hi, I try to share a ZFS dataset with NFSv4 in a Samba provisioned AD environment. Mounting the dataset and reading files are working as expected, but I have no write access to the shared dataset. Here are the details of my setup (hope not to miss something relevant): Domain controller is...
  2. D

    Upgrade to Samba 4.16.11: cannot login as local user when joined to AD

    I Recently upgraded from Samba 4.13 to 4.16.11 on a FreeBSD stable 13.2 platform. When I join a domain there is a brief period in which I can log on as myself as a local unix user via ssh, but after an indeterminate period all such attempts fail. When the login attempts fail, a prompt does not...
  3. C

    Samba Server with AD Domain Server

    Hi, I followed this tutorial and was actually able to get pretty far in making a samba server on FreeBSD with AD as the authentication backend, but I'm running into an issue and don't know where to begin in tracing it out. The user auth looks good, and it appears to retrieve the groups from the...
  4. U

    Samba domain controller

    Anyone know if it's currently possible to run a Samba DC with ZFS? I've tried 4.8 and the latest pkg for 4.10 which is supposed to contain "fix(?) for provision on ZFS". I can only get as far as "Setting up self join", then get an error such as the following - set_nt_acl_no_snum: fset_nt_acl...
  5. Z

    Solved Trail for leting users to login to all desktops on the local network ?

    Hi Guys, Is there something I could read to provide the same kind of service as Active Directory on a small network desktop ? The need is to let users to login any machine and to retrieve an access to their data. At least, allow them to log to any desktop on the network would be cool. Any...
  6. Avery Freeman

    SAMBA AD: Getent passwd doesn't return domain users

    Update 5/31/2018: Please skip to end of thread for how I solved this on-going problem I had been having for several months Hi, I'm new to the thread and fairly new to FreeBSD, plus I'm coming over from FreeNAS, so please bare with me (I understand the animosity). I'll try to include as much...
  7. STOIE

    msktutil + net command

    Hi all, So, I'm configuring a FreeBSD instance to run kerberos via a keytab to AD. Basically, I am at the point of the system being able to register in AD, the machine account is successfully created... (from first glance)... however, the msktutil command dies with it unable to locate the net...