1. D

    ZFS How to set ACLs for mounted GlusterFS folder?

    Is this possible? I am recently switching my SAMBA storage from a zpool to a GlusterFS mount. ACLs worked fantastically with zpool, but I can't figure out how to enable it for the mounted GlusterFS.
  2. `Orum

    Solved Samba4 - sysvol is inaccessible; ACL at fault?

    I've got a FreeBSD 11.2 system running Samba 4.8.4 as a DC. I recently noticed our group policy wasn't being pushed out, and with no major changes to the configuration file I assume this was due to an update to 4.8 I did a few weeks back. Ultimately I found out that sysvol (and anything below...
  3. A

    NFSv4 ACLs - deny owner write ACL permission

    owner@ is always allowed to write ACLs as a foot-shooting protection mechanism. Sometimes I really want to shoot my foot. In samba with "zfsacl" enabled and "nfs4:mode = simple", owner@ roughly corresponds with "creator-owner". There are times when I'm wearing my windows/samba admin hat that I...
  4. andrian

    How to settings filesystem for samba support Windows NT acls?

    Hi, I configured samba43 as AD (Domain Controller). This works fine. I now configure support Windows attributes for network share and have the problem. Looked on attributes shared forder: root@dc1:/usr/samba_share # getfacl home/ # file: home/ # owner: root # group: wheel user::rwx group::r-x...